About Us

Hold Time Studios is a family-owned and operated company based in Portland, Oregon. Like our owner, some of our employees and voice-talents are musicians – working during the day, and playing at night; but all of us are serious about making your phone system sound great as we have for many others.

Hold Time started as a research paper in graduate school; then armed with an M.B.A. and Masters in Music – Hold Time has found its way into hundreds of phone systems around the country. We're very proud of our company, and grateful for our clients.

We’re not a large company and, so far, we don’t want to be. What we have in Hold Time is a great life, affirming to us that "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait."


Friendly, positive, and warm with really good phrasing. A favorite male voice with just about everybody, except monster truck rallies. Read about Patrick is doing outside the studio in our local paper here!

If you want to get Patrick talking, ask him about Music, Triathlons, or Business... he's always game for a good conversation!


Feminine and business-professional, Lisa is a favorite with financial firms, and the medical industry... we tease her about being the "botox girl".

Lisa is all about being a mom, but comes by the studio every day to lay down tracks for customer's that only want her on their phone system.


Cute and flirty, with a voice as clear as a bell. Wendy did our all-time favorite voiceover: Mr. Rooter "Action Figures". We still laugh about it... you can hear it in our sample section by clicking here.

Other voices

There are other options for voiceovers, but they live elsewhere and are contracted for one project at a time. Expect to pay $150 to $200 extra. Your project manager can send you samples.

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