Marketing Ideas

Innovative Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Utilizing creative marketing ideas with a dash of guerilla marketing, Hold Time Studios productions are an effective and affordable way to target your best customer... the one who is calling you. Need good marketing ideas? Below you’ll find some of our innovative marketing techniques that turn dull music on hold marketing campaigns into consumer-targeted messages that will "roll out the red carpet for your phone system!" Here are some unique marketing ideas that will engage your customer through our specialty of on hold productions:

- Promote changes in your business:

  • New products and services (Hear it here)
  • New location (Hear it here)
  • New promotions (Hear it here)
  • New management or ownership. (Hear it here)
  • How are you telling your customers about new and exciting changes?

- Engage your customer with advertising that makes you look like the expert.

  • Industry statistics (Hear it here)
  • Range of expertise (Hear it here)
  • Depth of understanding (Hear it here)
  • Cool brand image (Hear it here)
  • Geographical reach (Hear it here)

- Reduce your marketing costs by zeroing in on customers who are seconds away from talking to you.

  • Radio Ad Campaign, let's do the math...
    • $10,000 for a local radio campaign that generates 200 leads.
    • At $50 per lead, would you put them on-hold to listen to static?
    • At $1.50 per day, your best prospects and customers will hear the best about you!
  • Use your phone system's auto-attendant to market promotions. (Hear it here)

- Increase website exposure

  • One of our customers saw a 20% increase in web hits within two weeks by including this paragraph in the on hold production. (Hear it here)
  • Refer callers to automated transactions on the internet, and reduce call volume. (Hear it here)

- Increase value-added purchases, like

  • Medical spas explaining additional procedures their customers don’t know about. (Hear it here)
  • Seasonal specials: Here’s a creative marketing idea to use pest control technician to put up holiday lights! (Hear it here)

- Humor. The best medicine, and the best marketing

  • To widen the callers understanding of your products, like all the wrecked cars you have. (Hear it here)
  • To explain how things are done, like buying used gadgets. (Hear it here)
  • Our favorite dental script, "Those of you calling about tooth whitening today might be interested to know that Japanese women used to dye their teeth black in order to indicate social status. Now Dr. Smith doesn't have a lot black dye in stock, but he does have custom trays and medical grade whitening solutions that work much better than what you'd buy in a grocery store! Thanks calling, we'll be right with you!"

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